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Loyal Customers Programme

Signing up for a customer profile in PodariBuket is not mandatory, however, it brings certain benefits. One of which is our Loyal Customers Programme.

What is it exactly?

The Loyal Customers Programme gives you the opportunity to gather points for each order placed on PodariBuket and each penny spent on our website. Depending on the amount of points, you have gathered, you can get a permanent discount of up to 10% for each following order.

How does it work?

You gather points for each penny, spent on our website. There points are then converted to percent based discount in 100:1 ratio. For example, if you have placed 5 orders for the total amount of 300BGN, you will respectively receive 300 points and 3% discount for your next order. Your next order’s total will also be added to your total points and thus your discount increases with each order.

Who can take part in the Programme?

All our registered customers can take part in the Programme. In case you are not registered customer, but you choose to sign up during checkout, the amount of your order will be added to your customer points.

What do I have to do to take part in the Programme?

Nothing. You just need to have customer profile in our website and to be logged in, when placing an order.

What happens if I place an order in a currency, other than BGN?

As BGN is the base currency in our store, the points, that you gather, are calculated depending on the value of your cart in BGN. This means that you get the same amount of points, regardless of the currency you prefer.

Is the discount I have from the Loyal Customers Programme compitable with other vouchers and discounts ПодариБукетlorist offers?

Yes, the discount you have from our Loyal Customers Programme can be used in addition to other vouchers and discounts.

I placed several orders as a ”guest” of the website, but now I would like to sign up. Can I transfer those orders to my profile and get points for them as well?

No, the Programme can be used by registered customers solely and is valid when you place an order from your customer profile. We can, however, transfer your previous orders to your newly created account for convenience.

I forgot to log into my profile, before placing an order. Can you add the points from this order to my account?

Yes, please contact us and we will add the points to your account. Kindly note, that you are only eligible for discount on orders, placed from your account. This means that you will not be refunded the discount you were supposed to receive.