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By reading Podari-Buket’s Terms and Conditions of use you will get a general idea of the whole ordering process, the delivery of your order, the available payment methods, the information, that we require, in order to fulfill your order and our Privacy policy. For all matters, not covered in this section, do not hesitate to contact our Customer support on e-mail [email protected] or on the given phones.

I. General conditions

§1. Products: All products, which you see in our online catalogue, are available to be ordered. We will deliver the products you have ordered on the address, you have provided in the ordering process. You can see a specific product description and contents on the product’s page. Upon a request, you can change the color of specific flowers in the composition or make another minor change in it, but only after consulting our Customer support. We do not deliver bouquets and compositions based ONLY upon customer wishes.

§2. Gifts, chocolates and accessories: The order of some kinds of products as teddy bears, balloons, wines, chocolates and others is possible ONLY if those products are combined with bouquets or other compositions with flowers. That information is additionally given on each of those products description

§3. Spirits: Upon placing an order you agree with our Terms and Conditions and in the same time you declare, that any ordered spirits are not to be sent to an underage person. All spirits are available to be ordered ONLY in addition to flowers and combinations of flowers. That information is additionally provided in the products descriptions.

§4. Order: After you have chosen the desired product(s) and you have added it (them) to your shopping cart, you have to complete the order process by clicking the ORDER button, situated in your cart. You can find your shopping cart on the top right corner of the webpage. Following the further order steps you will finish your order. Adding products to your cart does NOT mean that you have placed an order.

§5. Registration and account creation: Creating account in our website is not mandatory for placing an order, but does bring benefits. If you choose to create an account with us, you will be able to view the history of your orders, to keep your addresses information and benefit from our promotions. Both creating account and placing an order take not longer than 5min. If you prefer not creating an account, you can choose the “Guest checkout” option, in which case you will have to enter just your name, e-mail address, the name, the address and the phone number of the recipient. No matter what option will you choose, you will receive information about any status updates regarding your order, as well as you will have the ability to follow your order live on our website. NB! Orders placed with the Gust checkout option cannot be transferred to customer accounts registered afterwards.

§6. Personal data: The data you provide on our website upon order are used ONLY in order to properly deliver your order. That data include your names and e-mail address; the names, address and telephone number of the recipient; data for the invoice, if you require an invoice. Entering correct delivery address and other data related to the recipient and you is mandatory for delivering your order. You can find more details on Personal data in the section Privacy Policy, which is a part of those Terms.

§7. Choosing carrier: All deliveries are performed personally from our florists to the address of delivery, given in the order process. The delivery is being “Standard” and “Country”. The Standard delivery covers all places, mentioned in section Terms of delivery as places from our Partnership program. The Terms of delivery are part of the present Terms and Conditions. The “Country” covers all places, situated on not more than 40km away from a city included in our Partnership program and mentioned in the Terms of delivery. For all other places, please, contact us to assure the possibility of delivery. Choosing the right carrier for your order is absolutely mandatory. Orders for remote places with standard delivery chosen will not be delivered until the delivery fee is paid.

§8. Date of delivery: You can choose a specific delivery date in the order process. Express deliveries (on the same day) are possible if the order is placed until 17h EET. The date of delivery is selectable in the field Date of delivery in the ordering process. Orders with no date of delivery entered will be delivered after we contact you.

§9. Hour of delivery: You can choose a specific time-span for your delivery – between 9:00 – 12:00, 12:00 – 17:00 and 17:00 – 20:00. The field from which you can select a specific time span for your order will appear immediately after you select a specific delivery date. Deliveries are not made before 9:00 or after 20:00 EET. Exact time of delivery is not guaranteed, unless on specific occasions as wedding, funerals etc., but only after consulting our Customer support in advance. Delivery delays are possible for force majeure. This may include, but not limited to traffic accidents, heavy traffic, natural disasters, protests and strikes, public holidays and holidays as March 8th and February 14th.
§10. Payment: Every order is to be paid before it is delivered. You can pay for your order with your credit, debit card, PayPal, Bank wire, Western union or Moneygram. More information regarding this matter is available in Payment methods section, part of the present Terms and Conditions. The payment methods are limited ONLY to the above mentioned. Cash on delivery is not possible.
§11. Safety of your payment data: When paying with credit or debit card, your card’s data is entered on our Payment gateway’s website. No data of that kind is entered or kept on our website. The safety of your data is guaranteed by SSL encrypted connection and a certificate, authenticating the page you have been redirected to.
§12. Notifications: You will receive and informative e-mail upon placing an order as a confirmation. E-mails with further information are going to be received on every status update of your order e.g. Payment received, Preparation in progress, Order delivered.

§13. Compensations and returns: On the rare occasions, when you are not satisfied of our services, you have the right to file a claim to us within 48 hours after the delivery is made. In those cases we require a photo of the delivered product in order to estimate the compensation. You have also the right to claim a full refund of the amount paid for your order. In that case our courier will take the flowers back and we will refund your money, depending on how the order has been paid.

§14. Order cancellation by the client: You have the right to cancel your order up to 24 hours before the delivery. In case that your order consists cake, chocolates, bouquets of chocolates or other products not consisting flowers, you can cancel your order up to 48 hours before the delivery. This is needed, as those products are not available in our stores and are usually bought the day before the delivery date. You can cancel your order by contacting our Customer support and the amount paid for the order is refunded not earlier than 24 hours after the cancellation. All fees for the refund in this case are taken from the customer. Please note that the refunds of payments made with debit or credit cards can take up to one week, before the money is back to your account. This period of time depends of the company servicing your card and is out of our control.
§15. Order cancellation by the merchant: We may cancel your order in case the delivery cannot be performed, there is a lack of specific flowers or the order is not paid in time. In that case you will be notified about the cancellation of your order and the amount paid for it will be refunded up to 24 hours upon the cancellation. Please note that the refunds of payments made with debit or credit cards can take up to one week, before the money is back to your account.This period of time depends of the company servicing your card and is out of our control.


§1. Working hours: All orders are being shipped between 9am and 8pm EET. In rare cases we can perform earlier or later deliveries, but only after a confirmation from our customer service representative.

§2. Delivery date: You can select a specific date for the delivery of your order in the checkout process. PodariBuket is not responsible for incorrectly entered data. 

§3. Delivery hour: You can select a specific time span, in which we will deliver your order. The possible ranges are between 9am and 1pm, between 1pm and 5pm and between 5pm and 8pm. The selection of a specific time span is possible only upon selecting a delivery date. Deliveries at a specific hour are not permitted, except on several occasions such as weddings, funerals etc, but solely after consulting a customer service representative.

§4. Delivery fee: The delivery fee is automatically calculated, based on the shipping locality you have chosen. This means its correct selection is obligatory. Orders with wrongfully selected shipping location will be cancelled, unless the correct delivery fee is paid, where applicable.
§5. Data needed for the delivery: It is mandatory condition for the rightful delivery of your order that you enter correctly your names, e-mail address, the names, address and phone of the recipient. We are not responsible for untimely or failed delivery, when no correct data is provided. When no phone of the recipient is given, we will contact you to provide one. The phone of the recipient is used only in case that he is not on the address of delivery at delivery time etc. Our couriers will not call the recipient in advance for the surprise not to be spoiled. If no date of delivery is provided, we will deliver your order only after we contact you to clear that matter.

§6. Recipient absent: In case that the recipient is absent, our couriers will try to contact him on the phone number, you have provided in the order process and deliver the flowers on the current address of the recipient. In case that the phone given is not correct or not answering, we will try to deliver the flowers to neighbors or relatives or we will return the flowers back to our store and will try to contact you and the recipient. Note, that after the product is returned back to our store, you will be charged additional 5lv for each new attempt to deliver your order.

§7. Product absent: In case that a specific product or seasonal flower, needed to properly prepare your order is absent in our local store, we will contact you with a proposal for substitution of that product and the price differences will be covered by us. The delivery of your order will not be made, unless you accept that substitution or cancel your order.

§8. Anonymity: Our courier do not know who send the order and can not inform the recipient who are the flowers from. If you wish the recipient to be informed that you organized the surprise, please, enter your name in the greeting card message field.


§1. Payment in advance: Every order should be paid before its delivery. The delivery is not performed unless we have received the payment for the order or a proof that the payment has been made – scanned copy of bank-wire or screenshot of bank operation.

§2. Payment options: You can pay for your order using the payment methods described down below. We do not accept payments, other than those described in the present Terms and Conditions.
§2.1. Credit or debit cards: You can checkout with your credit or debit card. For your convenience, the payment form is placed on our website, so you won't be redirected to third-party payment gateways to finalize the payment. The payment is processed immediately, which allows us to start preparing your order right away. Your payment data is being processed by our sponsoring bank, according to the PCI standards and do not touch our server.
§2.2. PayPal: You can quickly and easily checkout with PayPal, provided that you have an account with them. The payment is processed immediately, which allows us to start preparing your order right away. Kindly note, that we do not accept e-check payments via PayPal. In case you decide to use e-check as a payment method, you will be redirected to our checkout page to choose and alternative payment option


§1. Personal data: The data entered when finishing the order process or when registering an account with us is used only in order to correctly deliver your order. This data is not provided to third parties nor used in a manner violating the present EU regulations.

§2. Correspondence:  We may keep any correspondence with you for an unlimited period of time.

§3. Payment data: You credit card data, your PayPal account data etc. is not entered nor kept on our website. The safety of your data is guaranteed by the payment gateway you choose in the ordering process.

§4. Anonymity of the delivery: Our couriers do not know who has ordered the delivery. If you wish the recipient to be notified that you have sent the flowers, write your name in the greeting card field.


§1. Claims: In case you are not satisfied of the delivered product you can claim a partial or full refund of your payment up to 48 hours after the delivery is made. The claim must be sent as an e-mail message to [email protected] with arbitrary content, but a clear desire of compensation. It is advisable that a picture of the delivered product is attached in the e-mail. It will be certainly required at a later stage of the communication.

§2. Compensations: After we have receive the picture of the delivered bouquet, our team will estimate the size of the compensation and will contact you back. The amount will be refunded up to 24 hours, after we have contacted you.

§3. Full refunds: You have the right to claim a full refund of the amount paid for your order in case you are not satisfied of the delivered product. In that case our courier will visit the delivery address in order to take it back. The amount paid for the order will be refunded up to 24 hours, after the product is returned to our store.

§4. General conditions:
§4.1. Right of claim: The right of claiming compensation has ONLY the person who has placed and respectively paid the order. The amount is refunded according to the payment method. If you have paid your order with your credit cards, the funds will be refunded to the same credit card.
§4.2. Order cancellation: You have the right to cancel your order according to the Terms described in part I General conditions of the present Terms.